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Boston Globe Op Ed: Look to the nonprofit sector to give older adults a lift

June 16, 2021

Kennebunk signs onto ITNCountry pilot project to boost independence through transportation

June 16, 2021

MarketWatch: “No license, no problem”

June 16, 2021

ITNMontereyCounty Helps Provide COVID-19 Vaccines to Homebound Seniors

June 16, 2021

ITNMontereyCounty offers free rides to vaccine appointments for seniors

June 16, 2021

ITNAmerica listed on verywellHealth list of Best Senior Transportation Services

June 16, 2021

Transportation in the US after COVID-19: Part Three – Rural Transportation

October 21, 2020

Nice props to ITNAmerica in this excellent piece by Esri’s Terry Bills.



ITN and RidesInSight featured in Saavy Senior

October 20, 2019


ITNMemphis Celebrates its 10,000th rider

September 19, 2019

Independent Transportation Network Memphis celebrates its 10,000th rider


Weston senior health care provider: Driving tips

January 18, 2019

-by By Rodney Gonsalves, Nov 1, 2018

“Think of the first time you were behind the wheel. You were probably nervous, excited and ready to explore. You were younger, perhaps a thrill seeker, but for the most part had the mental and physical ability to drive from one place to the other without much hassle.

As you age, those mental and physical abilities you had when you were younger begin to decline — even if you don’t notice the change personally. However, to be a safe senior driver, you must be extra vigilant of your driving habits, those around you and question if driving is the safest way for you to exercise your independence.[…]”

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