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Wethersfield LIFE: Much more than door to door – ITNCentralCT celebrates 10,000th ride milestone

September 25, 2015

ITNCentralCT is featured in Westherfield LIFE newspaper’s October 2015 edition on pages 22-25.

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Valley LIFE: Much more than door to door – ITNCentralCT celebrates 10,000th ride milestone

September 22, 2015

ITNCentralCT is featured in Valley LIFE newspaper’s September 2015 edition on pages 18-19.

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West Hartford Life: Much more than door to door – ITNCentralCT celebrates 10,000th ride milestone

September 22, 2015

ITNCentralCT is featured in West Hartford LIFE newspaper’s September 2015 edition on pages 16-18.

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West Hartford Community Television: ITNCentralCT presents the ITNAmerica Storybook Tour and 10,000th Ride Celebration

September 22, 2015

Did you miss ITNCentralCT‘s Storybook Tour and 10,000th Ride Celebration June 17th? No problem! West Hartford Community Television captured 42 minutes of the event program and graciously posted it online for us. Watch the full video and be inspired by how access to transportation is changing lives.

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Rocky Hill LIFE: Much more than door to door – ITNCentralCT celebrates 10,000th ride milestone

September 22, 2015

ITNCentralCT is featured in Rocky Hill LIFE newspaper’s September 2015 edition on pages 18 – 20.

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Lehigh Valley News: Local volunteer group share stories to celebrate anniversary

August 17, 2015

Allentown, PA – A special tour rolled into Allentown today. The independent transportation network is a service that uses volunteers to drive elderly and visually impaired people around town. Today, some of its members stopped by Christopher’s in Allentown as part of the Storybook Tour to mark the group’s 20th anniversary. This was just one of two dozen stops for the storybook tour.

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Public News Service: Helping KY Seniors Get Around Town Safely

August 10, 2015

PHOTO: Driving means independence in our busy culture, and older people are understandably hesitant to give up their car keys. But they're also more willing to consider it when communities, such as Lexington, make alternate transportation a priority. Photo credit: Greg Stotelmyer

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Research confirms what many folks already know – the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says per mile traveled, fatal crashes increase noticeably at age 70 and are highest among drivers 85 and up.

When Katherine Freund’s now-adult son was three, he was struck by a vehicle driven by an 84-year-old driver. After not talking about the traumatic experience for nearly two decades, Freund came full circle – now using it to shed light on safety and mobility issues facing seniors.

In her words, “telling stories helps solve problems,” so she’s in Kentucky today, to hear what others have to say. “This issue touches millions of people and there are millions of stories out there,” she says. “And, if we’re really going to solve this problem, it has to be about everybody’s stories, not just me, not just my son.”

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Sixty-day storytelling road trip personifies transportation situation of aging and visually impaired Americans

June 10, 2015


June 9, 2015

Lisa Wolff, Marketing and Communications Manager
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Sixty-day storytelling road trip personifies transportation situation of aging and visually impaired Americans

National senior transportation expert Katherine Freund launches national tour from AARP Maine headquarters in Portland, Maine June 16.

Storybook Tour
PORTLAND, Maine – June 9, 2015 – ITNAmerica Founder and President Katherine Freund has not only led the nonprofit Independent Transportation Network (ITN) senior transportation movement for more than 20 years, she has courageously told the personal story that inspired this movement. But this year, she’s all about telling others’ stories.

ITNAmerica celebrates the 20th anniversary of the first ride ever given by ITN on June 16 by launching a 60-day national road trip. More than two dozen “story stops” comprise the Storybook Tour, each chosen for the distinct way it personifies transportation needs that millions of aging or visually impaired Americans experience every day. AARP Maine will host the anniversary kick-off event with national speakers including National Transportation Safety Board Vice Chairman Bella Dinh-Zarr and AARP Interim Head of State and Community Engagement Lori Parham. Speakers will share their personal stories about how met or unmet transportation needs, for themselves or a loved one, have changed their life.

More than 70 million Americans – that’s 1 in 5 – will be over the age of 65 in 15 years, and may start to experience diminished capacity to drive safely. Freund will drive to the people who are living with the decision to give up their keys, record their experiences, and share them with America through her blog, social media, traditional media and, later, a book.

“Transportation needs are too often an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ experience. We need to take notice before the accidents occur, and engage the people who can become part of the solution. Viable, personal transportation is essential if we are to age in our own homes and communities,” said Freund. “The solution is parked in millions of driveways across America. But first we need to surface the needs of so many people, their families and their communities by sharing their stories.”

Freund herself was inspired to start the Independent Transportation Network when she realized why her son was run over by an 84-year-old driver in 1988. That driver, like so many other older Americans, did not have equivalent independent transportation options available to give him the confidence to hang up the keys when it was time.

About ITNAmerica

ITNAmerica, composed of 20 ITN affiliates from coast to coast, is the only national nonprofit offering transitional and permanent transportation in personal automobiles for hundreds of thousands of older and vision-impaired people. The 24/7 arm-through-arm, door-through-door service uses innovative payment methods such as CarTrade or volunteer driver credits to bank rides, in addition to using Personal Transportation Accounts so no cash changes hand at the time of the ride. ITNAmerica also operates the only national toll-free hotline and searchable database of nearly 15,000 transportation options called Rides In Sight (855-60-RIDES).

About the Storybook Tour

From retired musicians in Nashville to the residents in the Navajo Nation in rural Arizona and members of the Motion Picture and Television Fund’s retirement community in Los Angeles, the stories on the Storybook Tour are sure to bring colorful and diverse insights into what transportation access means for the tens of millions striving to thrive in their homes and communities in spite of hanging up their car keys.

About Katherine Freund

Katherine Freund is an award-winning national expert on transportation solutions for America’s aging baby boomers. Read her full bio here.


5 facts about older drivers

May 8, 2015

For Immediate Release

Contact:  Lisa Wolff, Marketing & Communications Manager 207-591-6942

5 facts about older drivers

If these facts resonate with you, ITN
America wants to hear and share your stories!

PORTLAND, Maine – May 2015 – In honor of National Older Americans Month, ITNAmerica would like to share with you five important facts about older drivers:
Seniors Driving
1. By 2030, 1 out of every 5 Americans – more than 70 million people – will be 65 or older while many age-related changes that pose risks to safe driving begin even earlier.

2. Most Americans outlive their decision to stop driving by about a decade and continue to rely on rides with others in private automobiles for their transportation.

3. About 90% of trips for people over 65 are taken in the private automobile, as drivers or passengers, while 8% of trips are walking and only 2% are using public transit.

4. Transportation is the second-highest household expense after housing – comprising more than 20% of household expenditures.

5. At the last White House Conference on Aging (in 2005), delegates voted transportation options as the third-highest national policy priority, ahead of Medicare and Social Security.

Do any of these ring true to you? We want to hear and share your story!

Why? Because the Independent Transportation Network celebrates the 20th anniversary of the first ride by the only national transportation network for seniors, the Independent Transportation Network, this summer. In honor of this milestone, ITNAmerica Founder and President Katherine Freund is taking a 60-day cross-country road trip to broadcast these stories and gather materials for a book she will write about the people she meets, their stories, and her journey. The tour starts June 16th in Portland, Maine and ends August 14th.

Please visit to submit your story. Like us on facebook and follow us on twitter to follow along with the tour.

Aging and losing your ability to drive doesn’t need to mean losing your ability to live a free and independent life. ITNAmerica knows this first hand. Help us make it known to even more people.

About ITNAmerica

ITNAmerica® is America’s only national, non-profit, community-based transportation service for older people and people with visual impairments, providing door-through-door and arm-through-arm service. ITN began as a single transportation service in Portland, Maine nearly 20 years ago and has since grown into a network of 27 affiliated communities in 21 states from coast to coast.

About the ITN Storybook Tour

ITN’s Freund is putting her mileage where her mouth is by buckling up for the ITN Storybook Tour this summer. The 60-day cross-country road trip kicks off June 16, the day ITN gave its very first ride. Why? Sixty-four-year-old Freund wants to rally the nation to recognize the importance of mobility for people who can no longer drive, and own the solution for the next 20 years.

The ITN Storybook Tour celebrates and punctuates the spirit of volunteerism, political action, passion and endurance that will be necessary to rally the nation in support of providing sustainable senior mobility solutions at a time when it has never been more needed.

About Katherine Freund

Katherine Freund is an award-winning national expert on transportation solutions for America’s aging baby boomers who are planning for their retirement or can no longer drive. She has been featured on C-Span and in the New York Times, Forbes and Consumer Reports. Her passion for transportation safety ignited 27 years ago, when her three-year-old son was run over by an 84-year-old driver.

About Rides in Sight

Rides in Sight is ITNAmerica‘s national database providing access to more than 15,000 transportation services through a web site ( and toll-free hotline (1-855-60-RIDES) for older and visually impaired people.

AARP Livable Communities: 5 Questions for Katherine Freund

March 18, 2015

AARP Livable CommunitiesOn average, men in the United States outlive their ability to drive by seven years. Women, who generally live longer than men, survive an additional decade beyond their driving years. Since the majority of communities nationwide are not walkable and do not have comprehensive public transit options, being a nondriver can be a limiting, isolating and even health-endangering experience.

Case in point: More than 3 million Americans miss or delay medical appointments every year because they lack a ride to the doctor.

As a young mother in 1988, Katherine Freund learned firsthand that the transportation problems faced by older adults can have a direct impact on people of any age, including her then-toddler son, who was run over and seriously injured by an 84-year-old driver who didn’t even realize he had nearly killed a child. (After years of extensive care the little boy did recover and is now a successful 30-year-old man.)

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