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Lexington Herald Leader: Tom Eblen: Non-profit transportation network celebrates 50,000 rides in seven years

January 26, 2016

Roger Parry drove Ruth Mercer, left, and Ethel Stepp on Dec. 11 on the 50,000th trip of ITN Bluegrass, a non-profit organization that provides transportation for elderly and visually impaired people in Lexington. Laura Dake

Ruth Mercer hasn’t been able to drive for some time, so when doctors last spring told her husband, Jerry, that he should quit driving, she was concerned how they would get around.

The couple recently gave up their home of 43 years off Clays Mill Road to move into an apartment at their daughter’s house, but they didn’t want to be constantly asking her for transportation

Then somebody told them about ITN Bluegrass, a non-profit agency that gives rides to people older than 60 or with visual impairment in Lexington and parts of Jessamine and Woodford counties.

“It has afforded me a lot of freedom,” said Mercer, who uses the service two or three times a week. “I really appreciate what they do. I don’t feel like I’m in a cab. I feel like I’m having a friend drive me.”

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Road Warrior: Volunteer ride service is in high demand in Bergen County

December 7, 2015
Gloria Reinish of Emerson with her driver, Mary Lyons Kim. Reinish has been teaching electrical engineering at Fairleigh Dickinson University for more than 50 years.

Gloria Reinish of Emerson with her driver, Mary Lyons Kim. Reinish has been teaching electrical engineering at Fairleigh Dickinson University for more than 50 years.

Almost everybody knows Bergen County’s senior population is huge, but nobody was certain that a recently launched low-cost, volunteer ride service designed specifically for the elderly and visually impaired would succeed. After all, Bergen is an affluent, densely populated county with taxis, commercial bus routes, municipal senior vans and a few local senior-ride programs — to say nothing of Uber and Lyft.

But last spring, nearly all doubt was erased when phones at ITN America’s new North Jersey affiliate in Wyckoff started ringing off the hook. By November, ridership topped 100 and weekly rides reached 105.

“We knew there was big demand here because so many seniors need rides, but this is amazing,” said John Boswick, the affiliate’s president and chief executive.

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Monterey Herald: Liza Horvath, Senior Advocate: Driving options for seniors

November 10, 2015

Seniors, generally speaking, are not early adopters of new technology. While many older folks may be using email, Facebook or a smartphone, most are of the “why bother” mindset and resist new inventions.

There is, however, one technological development that has many seniors excited, and here’s why:

Aging seems to present unending opportunities to give something up. An older runner stops running because of a bad hip; a well-liked home is sold because the stairs become too difficult to navigate; friends, family and beloved pets die. Finally, one of the most difficult things to give up — our driver’s license – will be taken away because we can no longer safely drive. A driver’s license represents freedom – the ability to come and go as we please and without it, seniors can lose the opportunity to socialize, shop on their own or lunch at a favorite restaurant. Losing all of this “life” often translates into isolation and, unfortunately, depression and loneliness.

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Partnership benefits senior transportation needs

December 31, 2013

Bayley, a continuing care retirement community in Delhi will be partnering with Independent Transportation Network Greater Cincinnati beginning in January.

Seniors often become isolated in their own homes when they no longer drive. Friends and family members are not always available to meet the needs. ITN’s volunteer based transportation service brings the community together by offering rides every day of the week to our neighbors at rates they can afford. Trips to the hairdresser, shopping or luncheon dates can again be part of the monthly calendar.

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Recent Automobile Accidents Involving Elderly Drivers Draws Attention

July 11, 2012

A lack of state funding is deferring the implementation of some measures to help identify at-risk older drivers. But Maine Secretary of State Charlie Summers said his office is continuing to take a pro-active approach toward drivers older than 65 whose numbers continue to grow in the state. Confronting an older relative about the need review their driving skills is rarely an enviable task.

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