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November 18, 2015
‘ITNSouthernDelaware co-op member trades car for credit toward ride services

Member Carol DeCatur, left, has donated her car to ITNSouthernDelaware. Shown with her is Pete Renzi, director of operations for i.g. Burton.

When Carol DeCatur found out she could trade the value of her car for credit toward future ride services, she immediately called ITNSouthernDelaware. Although DeCatur still drives, she said, “Two cars in the garage is one too many!”

In exchange for her 1993 Chrysler LeBaron, she will receive the highest local value of her car deposited into her personal transportation account as mileage credits for future use.

A car remaining unused in the garage still costs money. Registration and inspection fees, insurance, and maintenance costs can mount up to as much as $8,000 a year. ITN’s trademarked CarTrade program allows a person to trade a car for mileage credit in a member’s rides account, or to donate the car outright for tax purposes. Both programs are especially popular during the holiday giving season. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and even RVs can be donated through the CarTrade program.

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ITNPortland annouces partnership with Lee Auto Malls

August 6, 2009

ITNPortland uses traded or donated vehicles to replenish its fleet and to help subsidize member fares. ITN hopes to receive enough traded or donated cars to earn a new, fuel efficient Toyota!

View our CarTrade poster [pdf]

Dean Wern, Nonprofit Executive of the Year

June 29, 2009

Hartford Business

Allied President and CEO Dean Wern presented the keys of a 2003 Buick to Margaret Smith-Hale, executive director of the Independent Transportation Network North Central Connecticut in 2008.

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Seniors trade cars for rides

March 14, 2009

FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter/

Edgewater resident Betty Steinke, 77, was recently forced to give up her driver’s licensebecause of the severe visual impairment known as macular degeneration.That left her 84-year-old husband as her only chauffeur. But it won’t be long before Leroy Steinke is off the hook.

After two years of planning, City Hall is ready to roll out a pioneering program that will allow seniors to donate their cars to a new nonprofit agency in exchange for free rides around theclock.

The Independent Transportation Network is the brain child of Katherine Freund, whose 3-year-old son was run over by an elderly motorist in 1988 while playing outside their Maine home.

“When our family recovered, I said, how do I keep this from happening to other people? How do I fix it?” said Freund, whose son is now a healthy 23-year-old. “Everybody’s family has some older person struggling with this issue. People need an escort in and out of the car. They need someone to carry their packages or fold their walker. You cannot rely on adult children to leave their jobs every day to do this.”

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