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NewsOK: Nonprofit helps seniors give up their keys, not their mobility

May 19, 2015

A national nonprofit aims to provide safe and affordable transportation for older adults in the Oklahoma City area come fall.

Independent Transportation Network (ITN) of Central Oklahoma, an affiliate of Maine-based ITN-America, is recruiting community volunteers to transport older men and women who can no longer safely drive.

Katherine Freund, ITN America’s founder, said the organization wants to put friendly, compassionate volunteer drivers in the driver’s seat so that older adults may transition to the passenger’s seat.

“I don’t call it giving up driving, because that feels like a negative thing. When in reality, if you make a transition to the passenger seat when it’s no longer safe to drive, that’s not a negative thing, that’s positive thing,” Freund said.

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NewsOK: New car service coming for seniors and visually impaired

May 1, 2015

New Car Service Coming to Oklahoma City

A new service is coming to Oklahoma City, it’s a rider sharing model for seniors and the visually impaired called Independent Transportation Network of Central Oklahoma. Katherine Freund, founder and CEO of ITNAmerica, and Dr. Mark Mellow discuss.
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ITNCentralOklahoma will take seniors where they need to go

November 6, 2013

Problems with her vision forced Carol Hansen to retire not only as a judge on the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals, but from driving a car.

“Take life with whatever it hands you, but I’m fine with it as long as I have someone to help me drive,” Hansen said. “That’s just critical, absolutely critical.”

Hansen’s daughter, Elizabeth Hatcher, read about ITNAmerica and thought it would be useful to her mother.

ITNAmerica is a national nonprofit transportation system for older and visually impaired adults.

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A volunteer program coming to the metro will mean newfound mobility for elderly and vision-impaired people.

April 23, 2013

“It’s a big adjustment from running to your car and going to the store or the movie whenever you want, to making plans days in advance [for a ride],” she said.

Webster has relied on friends and family, but she admits even that takes its toll.

That’s why she was overjoyed when she heard about Independent Transportation Network America, a nonprofit volunteer program that will soon serve Oklahoma City’s elderly, vision-impaired and others who are unable to drive.

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